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CCM20 Triangular Wall Sconces

Made in America made in usa

Order Model M20 + Design

CCM20-201-10-c067_hdr Price Varies by Size
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The triangular shape adds a distinctive look to this line of indoor and outdoor lighting. They can be used both indoors or outdoors and come in a wide variety of options. Each is handmade to your order in USA at our Albuquerque facility and come in over 75 designs and 40 colors.

Sample Pictures Gallery

Click on picture to see a larger version
Order Model M20 + Design
M20-200A-10 M20-200A-10
Design 200A
Color C027
White Acrylic liner
Model M20-200A-10
M20-201-10 M20-201-10
Design 201
Color C067
Ivory Acrylic liner
Model M20-201-10
M20-202-10 M20-202-10
Design 202
Color C070
White Acrylic liner
Model M20-202-10
M20-205-14 M20-205-14
Design 205
Color C140
White Acrylic liner
Model M20-205-14
M20-208-10 M20-208-10
Design 208
Color C127
Silver Mica liner
Model M20-208-10
M20-210-10 M20-210-10
Design 210
Color C146
Silver Mica liner
Model M20-210-10
M20-211-10 M20-211-10
Design 211
Color C127
White Acrylic liner
Model M20-211-10
Design 213
Night View
White Acrylic liner
Model M20-213-10
M20-216-10 M20-216-10
Design 216
Color C143
White Acrylic liner
Model M20-216-10
M20-224-10 M20-224-10
Design 224
Color C127
White Acrylic liner
Model M20-224-10
Design 237
Color C2010M
White Acrylic liner
Model M20-237-10
M20-241-10 M20-241-10
Design 241
Color C123
White Acrylic liner
Model M20-241-10
M20-242-14 M20-242-14
Design 242
Color C023
Parchment Acrylic liner
Model M20-242-14
M20-245-10 M20-245-10
Design 245
Color C140A
White Acrylic liner
Model M20-245-10
Design 250
Night View
White Acrylic liner
Model M20-250-10
M20-250A-14 M20-250A-14
Design 250A
Color C140
White Acrylic liner
Model M20-250A-14
M20-257-10 M20-257-10
Design 257
Color C140A
Silver Mica liner
Model M20-257-10
M20-513-10 M20-513-10
Design 513
Color C140
Ivory Acrylic liner
Model M20-513-10
M20-519-10 M20-519-10
Design 519
Color C154
Amber Mica liner
Model M20-519-10

Wall Sconces:
Small: 10" T x 9" W x 8" D, (Indoor) Uses 1-100W standard bulb, (Outdoor) Uses 1-75W standard bulb - $179
Medium: 14" T x 9" W x 8" D, (Indoor) Uses 1-100W standard bulb, (Outdoor) Uses 1-75W standard bulb - $189
Large: 18" T x 10" W x 8" D, (Indoor) Uses 2-75W standard bulbs, (Outdoor) Uses 2-60W standard bulbs - $199

size comparison
Size Comparison

Prices include free shipping to the 48 Continental States - Please call for other locations

Top Options

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no top
No Top - Indoors/Outdoors

clear top
Clear Acrylic Top - Outdoors
Price: $35
no image available
Solid Metal Top - Outdoors
Blocks 90% of light
from top of sconce.
Meets Dark Sky requirements.
Price: $35

Click Design Sheet to Enlarge

southwest designs

Our lights and fans are hand painted in our New Mexico factory and may vary slightly from order to order. The true colors may appear differently based on your monitor and printer settings. Actual color chips can be ordered at no cost for a truer match. CLICK HERE to order color chips.

Our most popular color choices shown below. Click Here to See All the Color Options

C017 - Dark Terracotta
C070 - White, Brown & Copper Collage on Beige
C095 - Blue Green Patina w/ Copper Accents
C099A - Blue Green & Copper on Black
C121 - Swirled Rust on Black
C127 - Rust Mottled on Black

C128 - Rust w/ Copper Accents
C140 - Dark Brown Mottled on Copper
C140A - Dark Brown Mottled on Copper w/ Blue Green Accents
C153 - Dark Bronze Mottled on Black
C153A - Dark Bronze on Copper Collage
C154 - Copper Mottled on Black
C166 - Copper w/ Gold, Black & Dark Brown Accents
color options
Click Here To See All Color Options

Liners back the designs on the light and are available in the materials below. Mica liners will block 50% of light from face of sconce and are not recommended for outdoor lights exposed to wet weather and freezing temperatures.  Liners are shown here on some western lights we offer on

White Acrylic
White Acrylic
White Acrylic
Ivory Acrylic
Parchment Acrylic
Parchment Acrylic
Suede Acrylic
Suede Acrylic
Amber Mica
Amber Mica
Silver Mica
Silver Mica

Dedicated Compact Fluorescent:
26W GU24 Base Bulbs included.
For areas requiring energy efficient lighting.
Price: $10
Pull Chain or Switch for Sconce:
Allows light to be switched on or off w/o
separate wall switch. Brass or Nickel Finish.
Price: $12
Choose Finish Color
8' Cord with Plug for Wall Mounting:
Available with or without switch.
Price: $12

12V Halogen Bulb and Socket:

Low voltage option for outdoor lighting.
20W, 30W, or 50W bi-pin bulbs.
Requires a closed top for wet locations.
Price: $5
Custom Painted Center Design:
Second Custom Color for Center of Design.
Price: $20
Choose Metal Finish Color
(See Finish Colors Tab)
Choose Design

Top and Back View:
Top View Back View

Wall Sconces:
Small: 10" T x 9" W x 8" D, (Indoor) Uses 1-100W standard bulb, (Outdoor) Uses 1-75W standard bulb
Medium: 14" T x 9" W x 8" D, (Indoor) Uses 1-100W standard bulb, (Outdoor) Uses 1-75W standard bulb
Large: 18" T x 10" W x 8" D, (Indoor) Uses 2-75W standard bulbs, (Outdoor) Uses 2-60W standard bulbs


Kiva Lighting recommends using the Standard CFL unless required to use the GU24 for energy efficient lighting. The standard medium base socket will allow a less expensive upgrade path to LED lighting in the future.

All lights are made to order - Allow 4-5 weeks before shipping

Rush delivery in approx. 1.5 weeks available for a 20% up charge

Ordering Instructions - Please call us at (800) 275-5482 for any questions or assistance

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