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Dark Sky Lighting

To encourage proper installation and usage of outdoor lighting, the International Dark Sky Association has developed programs to assist in the development of shielded light fixtures through the FSA program. In addition to the FSA program, we also provide information for homeowners and commercial property owners on the importance of using proper lighting fixtures. A combined practice by professional installers, housing residents, and commercial property owners in the initial placement or replacement of fixtures is a key component in reversing the negative effects of light pollution.

At Kiva Lighting, all of our outdoor ready wall sconces and many of the lanterns can be ordered as dark sky compliant. For the ceramic models, we keep the top a solid painted ceramic that is finished to match the rest of the light. For metal lights, we add a matching solid top that stops 90% or more of any light from coming through the top. As we hand make each light to order, these modifications are easy to accomplish during manufacturing. Dark sky does not have to mean boring or unattractive.

Many subdivisions and municipalities are now requiring that minimal or no light source be seen from the front of the light either. In this case, we add a contrasting piece of copper or aluminum behind the design so that during the day, the design stands out but at night, all you have is the down lighting. Please call for more details.