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Understanding Southwestern Style and Decor

Natural elements, leather based furnishings, hand painted tiles and accents inspire a Southwest style. Native to Arizona and New Mexico, southwestern decor forms its style from the Mexicans, Native Americans and Spaniards. If open floors and flat roofs are your favorite elements, then a southwestern theme will make you feel at home.

Welcome to the, and more specifically, our Southwestern lighting and fans website. We hope our fine selection of southwestern lights inspire you to either renovate your home, or complete your already existing look. We have collected some basic design ideas for your southwest styled home to get you started with. Have fun planning and arranging your southwest styled home with these simple tips, and leave the lighting to us!

Things to Get

Southwestern decor has evolved over the years as America’s favorite home decoration theme. Modern homes feature a more sophisticated and refined version of the ethnic inspired old style. Here is a list of lighting fixtures and other items you can purchase to give your home an ethnic look:

The Outdoors

Earthy tones inspire a great Southwestern outdoor. Go for terra cotta, tan or cream color tones for your walls and roofs. Extensive gardens and courtyards are reminiscent of the southwest lifestyle. If you’re planning to renovate your home, you might as well work on the backyard by propping a hammock, Native American textiles and plants. Angular metal southwestern sconces can be installed on either side of the door to good effect. You can also prop a deer skin on the entrance for an ethnic look.

The Living Room

Living room is the most important area in a southwest style home. White, tan, brown, terra cotta, and azure tones should be employed in a living room. Azure is a strong color in Native American culture for its power to zone out evil spirits. Go for hand painted tiles for flooring and the wall where you intend to prop the accessories and accents. Leather sofas and chairs are common in southwestern decor,  along with rough wood. Keep the minimal approach to furnishing to achieve the open floor look.

Place some large pillows on the floor along with woven blankets. Use a natural fiber rug or animal skin as centerpiece. Place the furniture far from the walls in small groups to increase moving space. Antique and primitive furniture will blend all so well in your southwestern decor. Install a copper canyon ceiling fan surrounded by fan design ceiling lights above the sitting area. Apply ceramic tier wall sconces on the wall you intend to apply hand painted tiles on. Close to that wall, you can place the Talavera and hand painted pottery, along with motifs of your choice as decorative items. On the dining area, go for a western saddle chandelier for a more modern look.

The Bedroom

Natural colors like salmon, slate blue, lemon yellow or forest green can work like a charm in your bedrooms. You can hang Spanish folk art behind the bed, sheltered comfortably between ceramic tier sconces. Go for honey colored terra cotta tiles or lightwood flooring with wide planks. Stone and brick wall can also be installed on the wall behind the bed to a good effect. Faux leather lamps on either side of the bed along with an iron candle holder on a table will highlight the focal points in your room at night.

Install a petro glyphs designed fluorescent chandelier in the center of the room, and leather finished ceiling fan on top of the bed. You can also attach wooden beams to your ceiling for a more dramatic southwestern look. Again, go for lightwood materials for your furniture and bed. The most important factor to incorporate southwestern decor in your room is lighting. Make sure you place the lighting fixtures in such a way that they spread on the details in your room, not highlight them.